Protest for gender equality in Bangladesh results in injuries

By | January 9, 2009

bloggerswatch_women1Bangladesh is terribly in hot water as the protest for gender equality is underway. Hundreds are currently experiencing the lashes of the patriarchal system of male dominance over women.

What the country is undergoing is a long-battle with a noble goal that if ever it will be pushed to the limits, it will eventually result to women empowerment. Dhaka may seemingly be bloody as riots begin to curtail any movement to give women equal rights as men, but the members of the radical Islamic Constitution Movement should not be violent about their actions to temper down the situation.

Since the Sharia Law is the prevailing custom in Bangladesh, women receiving only half as much as men will be unfair to those who want to breakfree to traditions. We are living in the 21st century and the old ways of women being treated as second-class citizens should be abolished. The reality of too much female oppression in the region are still being denied by the radical group and consider violence as a normal way of living in Dhaka.

The Bangladeshi women treading their way to gender equality will open doors to the progress of the country. It is only proper that the women in the region be respected and be given importance by its men. After all, the women in Dhaka are human beings who should be fairly treated and protected from abuses.

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