Tips: Get your site indexed fast in google

By | March 23, 2009

As a webmaster and blogger, people often say search engines are not indexing their websites or not indexing fast. In my personal experience, I’ve found some common but effective ways to index new contents very fast.

Content is every thing, unique contents index faster and stay in SERP longer. Where as some people buy or copy articles from different article directories to have more traffic. But this is partially wrong. If Google find same content in different website, it give priority to higher page ranked website.

Anyway, here are some tips:

1. As soon as new content is added to the website, webmasters should try to use social bookmarking site like Digg, Stumbleupon, Technorati to bookmark. I have noticed Google indexes Digg pages in less than 2 hours!

2. WordPress and other CMS applications has plugins to create automatic sitemap. Google Webmasters tool, Yahoo! Siteexplorer or Live Webmaster becomes handy when we talk about indexing. Automatic sitemap plugins create dynamic sitemap as soon as new content is added and sitemap is requested by bots. For other website, sitemap should be submitted regularly onces or twice a month depending on new content. Free version of XML-Sitemaps creates xml sitemap upto 500 links, I found another sitemap creating tool GSiteMap does excellent work. It not only create unlimited links but also uploads and notifys search engines about new content.

3. Important contents should not be away from homepage more than 3 levels. If it can’t be avoided, deep linking becomes necessary. Creating a dynamic deeplinking list in hompage is very important.

4. If any website have more than 500 links, sitemaps can be compressed in .gz format or split into several sitemaps.

5. People have misconception that links in blog comments help in indexing. But according to Google, Google bots visit through those links but Google donot index those pages. But good news is, there are some blogs those accepts dofollow links, webmasters should use those blogs.

6. Its a good practice to reference one page to another. It ensures no page is remains untouched. This is one way of deep linking.

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  1. Chaunna Brooke

    hey these are nice tips! GOogle spiders will definitely crawl on your site’s pages with these tips. Thanks for sharing.

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