Need For Speed Most Wanted – The best racing game I have ever played

By | March 26, 2009

nfs_most_wantedTill today, I have played a lot of street racing games, but, from my point of view, The Need For Speed Most Wanted is the best game that I have ever seen. When I play the game, it feels like I am really on the street as one of the black listed notorious racers whom the cops looking for a long time.

The graphics of the game is awesome. And it loads very fast in my laptop. The soundtracks used are also good, the sound effects always make me mad, nonetheless, Sexy Mia Townsend encourages me most to play the game giving up my work.

All the rides used in this game are the world’s best cars. I specially like the Lamborghini Gallardo which usually Ming (the blacklist rival #6 in the game) drives. You will get more new and powerful cars by hammering the pink slip when you wipe out the black list rivals. Yet there is an option of buying latest cars if you have sufficient cash and bounty. The price of the cars are pre defined, so you can calculate how much you need to buy your desired ride.

When I first started play this rattling game, I thought that it was beyond my capacity to get the number One position in the black list. The uncompromising racers will never let me go through. But giving it a hard try, I have over powered Rajor (the #1 contender) and got the first position in the list, as well as the cop has issued a national warrant against me.

Here I have given my rap sheet image. Though I have lost my best performance (#1 in all section), this may help you see how notorious I wanted to be in the race.


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