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Dating Russian Women: The Crazy Thing OR A Wonderful Opportunity? By Elena Petrova

datingMy site is on the top of many search engines for the search query “Russian brides”, and as the result I receive lots of requests for interviews from journalists all over the world, and the question they invariably ask is:…

Some important issues to know about taking a cruise

Singles are underrepresented on cruises, but unless meeting someone
is the sole purpose of your vacation, a cruise can be your best
choice if you keep these things in mind.

The Carnival line is the only cruiseline that offers a “singles” rate. The…

Hot bridal accessories can keep you cool

bridal_accesoriesSo many brides I endure and verbalize with each day are frustrated, some even freaking out as their wedding day draws near.

Sound usual?

Here’s what’s generally leaving on behind the scenes: You’ve found the dress of your dreams, but you can’t…

Johanna Selhorst Josie Maran – an american model and actress

josie_maranMaran’s modeling career began at the age of 12; when an agent spotted her at a local barbecue restaurant, she began modeling part time. Maran graduated from the Castilleja School in Palo Alto, then began to pursue modeling more seriously.…

Protest for gender equality in Bangladesh results in injuries

bloggerswatch_women1Bangladesh is terribly in hot water as the protest for gender equality is underway. Hundreds are currently experiencing the lashes of the patriarchal system of male dominance over women.

What the country is undergoing is a long-battle with a noble goal…

Muslim women fired for wearing long skirts

A delivery company operating in Ontario has reached a settlement with eight Muslim women it fired three years ago for uniform violations after the women filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Nadifo Yusuf, 35, worked as a temporary…