bloggers watch

Blggoerswatch is a general blog where bloggers from everywhere always keep their eyes open to watch what happens around the world. It is a rich and informative place for blogs posted in different categories like adult, business, fashion, seo, travel, women and many more.

At the beginning, I was not determined to start a blog like this. The only blog that I started long before is almost 2 years old and in the mean time, i couldn’t get enough time start another one. I just intentionally have bought the domain thinking that the name “bloggerswatch” is very good for starting  a blog, and I can sell it at a good price. But later, I have changed my mind and decided to start my own blog.

Do what you think – I believe this quote, and being encouraged, I have started the “bloggerswatch.com”.

I have tried to keep the design simple, yet attractive, and make a category structure which may cover everything, though all the categories don’t yet have posts. The site passed the CSS and XHTML validation, so there is no error and the site loads very fast.

I am using the MooTools Content Slider Update – Numbered Nav from stoutlabs which makes my job more easier in displaying the most recent 5 posts in a sliding way. Hi Daniel, I am really very grateful to you for your wonderful work.
Anybody can post his/her article here. It’s really free. If you want your articled displayed at bloggerswatch.com, please simply mail me at reza127bd at yahoo dot com and I will do the rest for you.

Hope you will enjoy visiting my blog. Thank you.

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