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Beautiful Brides – part 1

Need For Speed Most Wanted – The best racing game I have ever played

nfs_most_wantedTill today, I have played a lot of street racing games, but, from my point of view, The Need For Speed Most Wanted is the best game that I have ever seen. When I play the game, it feels like I am really on the street as one of the black listed notorious racers whom the cops looking for a long time.

The graphics of the game is awesome. And it loads very fast in my laptop. The soundtracks used are also good, the sound effects always make me mad, nonetheless, Sexy Mia Townsend encourages me most to play the game giving up my work.

All the rides used in this game are the world’s best cars. I specially like the Lamborghini Gallardo which usually Ming (the blacklist rival #6 in the game) drives. You will get more new and powerful cars by hammering the pink slip when you wipe out the black list rivals. Yet there is an option of buying latest cars if you have sufficient cash and bounty. The price of the cars are pre defined, so you can calculate how much you need to buy your desired ride.

When I first started play this rattling game, I thought that it was beyond my capacity to get the number One position in the black list. The uncompromising racers will never let me go through. But giving it a hard try, I have over powered Rajor (the #1 contender) and got the first position in the list, as well as the cop has issued a national warrant against me.

Here I have given my rap sheet image. Though I have lost my best performance (#1 in all section), this may help you see how notorious I wanted to be in the race.


Tips: Get your site indexed fast in google

As a webmaster and blogger, people often say search engines are not indexing their websites or not indexing fast. In my personal experience, I’ve found some common but effective ways to index new contents very fast.

Content is every thing, unique contents index faster and stay in SERP longer. Where as some people buy or copy articles from different article directories to have more traffic. But this is partially wrong. If Google find same content in different website, it give priority to higher page ranked website.

Anyway, here are some tips:

1. As soon as new content is added to the website, webmasters should try to use social bookmarking site like Digg, Stumbleupon, Technorati to bookmark. I have noticed Google indexes Digg pages in less than 2 hours!

2. WordPress and other CMS applications has plugins to create automatic sitemap. Google Webmasters tool, Yahoo! Siteexplorer or Live Webmaster becomes handy when we talk about indexing. Automatic sitemap plugins create dynamic sitemap as soon as new content is added and sitemap is requested by bots. For other website, sitemap should be submitted regularly onces or twice a month depending on new content. Free version of XML-Sitemaps creates xml sitemap upto 500 links, I found another sitemap creating tool GSiteMap does excellent work. It not only create unlimited links but also uploads and notifys search engines about new content.

3. Important contents should not be away from homepage more than 3 levels. If it can’t be avoided, deep linking becomes necessary. Creating a dynamic deeplinking list in hompage is very important.

4. If any website have more than 500 links, sitemaps can be compressed in .gz format or split into several sitemaps.

5. People have misconception that links in blog comments help in indexing. But according to Google, Google bots visit through those links but Google donot index those pages. But good news is, there are some blogs those accepts dofollow links, webmasters should use those blogs.

6. Its a good practice to reference one page to another. It ensures no page is remains untouched. This is one way of deep linking.

Tips: Top 15 mistakes that people do with Adsense

Let’s face it, MOST of us fail while dealing with AdSense for the first time. Some publishers even can’t earn a lot from AdSense, so they go to affiliate marketing or another way of making money online. To avoid doing the top mistakes that people people usually do with AdSense, read on!

What Google really wants:
Google wants quality content from publishers or advertisers. You can’t earn a lot from AdSense if you have a content full of typos, broken links, and with low or no value at all. You can’t also have a good CPC while advertising with AdWords if your landing page is ugly.

Top 15 Mistakes:
1- Building a website that specifically targets search spiders, with nothing unique to offer human visitors.
2- Building a website just to make money from AdSense.
3- Providing targeted content that will help Google advertisers to capitalize your traffic.
4- Building a website specifically to target High-Value keywords without planning on developing quality content!.
5- Thinking making money with AdSense is very easy or very hard. Most of beginners think that if he/she builds up a website with AdSense ads, everyone will come to click!.
6- Clicking on your own ads or telling others to click.
7- Choosing a bad template.
8- Not using AdSense channels.
9- Not reading Google AdSense TOS.
10- Putting AdSense on pages that does not have enough content.
11- Creating multiple AdSense accounts.
12- Revealing your AdSense data(CTR, Impressions, eCPM …etc).
13- Putting images next to your AdSense ads.
14- Playing around the AdSense code.
15- Choosing the wrong niche that has a low CPC.

Finally, try to avoid anything that may hurt your earnings. To earn a lot per month, you need to be patient.

Source : Tips: Top 15 mistakes that people do with Adsense

PHP Link Directory version 3.4 is now available

phpldLast month the phpLD team has released the most stable version ( version 3.4 ) of their widely used directory script. They’ve been developing it for the last several months, and went through rigorous testing in beta phase.

So, I think it’s time to upgrade my directories to the latest version. If you are using version 3.2 / 3.3, then it will be very easy to upgrade the smarty based script.

The good news about this update is you will probably not need to make any
major changes to the design itself, and mainly just need to apply the changes
to the smarty code.

Visit the link to know more about the latest release:  phpLD script home

Some important tips for a Healthy and Beautiful Life

health1There are some effective tips to keep your body in a good mood both in terms of health and beauty.The following techniques are some examples of doing so easily.

Ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun may harm the body by increasing the risk of skin cancer if one gets excessive amount of sunshine in a little time.Despite its benefits, some type of sun rays have been proved to be harmful for skin. It may even trigger early aging, which is one of the most frequent ailments people suffer from today.

Another substantial aspect of this issue to get protected from harmful sun rays at utmost extent.Sometimes, driving a car cannot prevent UV rays from drafting into the body.In order to avoid such risks, sun screens must be used.Degree of harm of UV rays may change according to the daytime or altitude.
High places usually are at higher risk of making one prone to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.For this reason, careful observation is needed when sun screens are to be purchased.Quality brands whose products protect the body from the different types of harmful rays should be preferred.

Daily water consumption is another factor in keeping the skin healthy and fresh.However, this should not be confused with consuming large amounts of liquid incorporating water in them.Harmful materials used in the production of such liquids affect the body health directly and usually dramatically.People who want to keep healthy and beautiful should take this into account.

Accessories are one of the most striking parts helping one to gain some popularity regarding his/her look.For instance, the type of eyeglasses is vital since its frames should not cover the entire eyes, but they should complement the facial look.Sometimes, switching to contact lenses can be considered as a good idea because they are more practical to use.Different colours may help one to get a new and more attractive look.

Still another technique to employ is not to wear high heeled shoes for long hours in a day.Various illnesses have been found to be caused by this type of mistake.One should try her best to choose looking sexy and living healthier.In fact, there is a reasonable solution to this intriguing problem such that both of these concerns are satisfied.One may try wearing wide and healthier shoes while working and she could switch to high heels when she is attending an important occasion.So as to avoid health problems, one must alter her interests and instant desires a little.

Woman’s hair has a great importance in that it gives woman a different look when cut differently.In order to be consistent with this issue, hair stylists must be static; i.e, one should not switch too many hairdresser’s in a few months.Having the hair cut by a well known person may be very good for the future life of the person.

In conclusion, beauty is likely to be the most important feature for the woman on the world today, and its importance means much more than it did in the past.Therefore, women should perform extra effort to keep their skin healthy and look fresh so as not to attract the males in whose dreams they live.

Hot bridal accessories can keep you cool

bridal_accesoriesSo many brides I endure and verbalize with each day are frustrated, some even freaking out as their wedding day draws near.

Sound usual?

Here’s what’s generally leaving on behind the scenes: You’ve found the dress of your dreams, but you can’t choose on how to accessorize it. everybody has an judgment-and everybody is disposed to divide.

Such well-intentioned opinion can urge you wild! No one teaches courses in “Bridal Accessories 101,” so it’s hard to rely on Mom’s or your best buddy’s judgments — especially when no one agrees. No sensation the months foremost up to the big day are spiraling you into a group-smoking, nail-arctic wreck! It’s the most important day of your life — the day all eyes will be qualified on you as you pace down the gangway — and you’re troubled to assign your instincts and secret state.

That’s where I come in — and it’s a function I adore.

I mind trends and work as part therapist, part inventor to help each bride-to-be find just the right look. My goal? To make trusty your secret glow shines through.

Here are some tips to help you wait sane and accessorize with gift.

Set the present
Think of your gown as a juncture, and all of the accessories you excellent are the actors and scenery that generate a smash hit. You chose your gown because it called out your name and represents who you are. Regardless of whether its grandeur is vintage, traditional, advanced or free, it serves as the setting for the jewelry and accessories you buy.

pronounce Number One
result your gown’s subject. If, for example, your dress is adorned with shining crystals, excellent jewelry with matching accents. The same goes for gowns with beading or pearls.

influence is also serious.

With mushroom and gold embroidery a current include on this period’s gowns, opt for isthmuslaces and jewelry set in glittering gold.

Shine the fuss Jewelry adds twinkle and pizzazz — the greatly-desirable “wow” reason.

You’ll use it to draw mind to your best includes: eyes, cheekbones, dcolletage, isthmus, fuzz. You know which includes your fianc swoons over. Accent your gown by singing up these areas with the right gems.

Before deciding on jewelry, meeting to your fuzzinventor about how you’ll show your fuzz. beget your dress to the group numerous months before the wedding so the two of you can come up with a idea. This will give you time to grow out your layers or bangs, if basic.

Once your fuzz idea is in place, it’s time to store. If you’re showing a traditional updo–a twist, French twist, Juliet knot or analogous grandeur–droplet jewelry add drama. For sharp fuzz, elegance pearl or cubic zirconia jewelry or buttons are really current.

And if your long, assorted-flowing hair will be accompanied by droplet-empty-gorgeous chandelier jewelry, don’t subjugate them with a isthmuslace. fewer is definitely more! If your dress is backless, a rope isthmuslace that cascades down your needle is a breathtaking accessory, and jewelry should be clever.

Make trusty your headpiece matches your jewelry.

A circlet tranquil of enduring rhinestones will subjugate delicate pearl gems. And if you’ve select advanced jewelry dripping with cubic zirconia, a pearl diadem will be too coy and traditional.

Most Importantly
Most importantly, evoke that you show your jewelry and headpiece — they don’t show you.

indicate pieces that are entirely competent to your gown and personality. If you’ve never been a fan of pearls, your wedding day isn’t the time to parade them. You’re creating a lovely parcel, so make trusty everything facility together.


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